DTPO 3.0 Request and Sync Store Location Request


I love having my databases synced on both my Macs and on my iPhone as well. It’s really great! That said, having this new workflow has prompted some wishes. Here goes:

  • Sync Store support for Amazon Cloud Drive
  • Sync Store support for One Drive

I’m currently using Dropbox, but would love to utilize Amazon’s unlimited cloud drive, but I wouldn’t dare do so without encryption(!). One Drive would be almost as welcome (see #2 below), as the subscription is a necessity for me already, so I would rather use One Drive and drop Dropbox (no pun intended). Maybe some others are in a similar boat.

  • Ability to purge and download on demand in DTPO for Mac (like DTTG)

This second request is why I would prefer Amazon Cloud Drive — because of their unlimited storage. If we could use ACD for a sync store location we could potentially have TB’s of data in the cloud available to DTPO users for on demand access, and the ability to purge the files from our system to save disc space.

Hopefully these can be considered (if not in the pipeline already :slight_smile: ).

Thanks for the consideration,


And what happens to your data when your network goes down??

You make a good point, but I would like to have the option nonetheless, as we would atill be able to access the data once the network is back up, and would be able to store mission critical files locally.

Your question brought another scenario to mind. If the purge / download on demand features were brought to DTPO we could have the best of both worlds. We could host the sync store on our own server, e.g., a Synology, connect via WebDav, and have on demand accress to TB’s of data on our laptop and iOS devices. Again, choosing which data to have immediate access to would be up to the user (considering network outages).

Maybe I’m just dreaming, but I hope the idea will still be considered and kicked around. :slight_smile:


No problem asking. Speaking personally, I would never advocate this scenario. This whole concept of “one data source” is a very dangerous and always less reliable one than local resources. Especially since drive space is SO CHEAP and PORTABLE nowadays. Just my opinion

I second this request for DTPO having the ability to sync a database’s meta data and download each record “on demand” (just like DTTG).

I have a lot less disk space on my laptop than I do on my desktop, and I’ve been forced to split my data into separate databases just for the sake of syncing some but not others. On demand downloading would be super helpful on macOS, just as it is on iOS.