DTPO 3 upgrade issues

Long time DTOffice user (since “DT Professional Office”). Purchased an upgrade today to 3. The program installs without issue and I can open my database fine, but I’m having workflow issues.

I use DTOP almost exclusively for managing a paperless home and document archival and indexing.

My workflow is to use a ScanSnap s510m (old, I know, but it works) with the ScanSnap Manager. I updated the ScanSnap Manager profile application selection to DTOP 3. Was hoping that is all I would have to do.

Now, when I scan in a document, DTOP3 launches but I have numerous issues, unsure if they’re related or not.

  1. Scanned documents are imported into the Global Inbox - previously they didn’t appear in the Global Inbox and instead directly to my separate database that is open.

  2. I am prompted with a pre-filled file name to confirm and save the document to DTOP, which is less than desirable since I want no user input needed. This behavior is different from DTOP 2.x. Screenshot below.

  1. Once I select “save” from the previous dialog box, I am prompted with a delete document confirmation prompt. Again, different from DTOP 2.x behavior and not desirable.

I believe issue #3 is related to converting the imported PDF to searchable. In DTPO 3, if I uncheck the option Preferences > OCR > Original Document - Move to Trash I do not get the delete document confirmation prompt but of course then the imported, un-OCR’d PDF remains on the local file system which again, less than desirable.

Otherwise, despite searching through Preferences I can find no help to resolve issue #2 or #1 above.

Please help!


Fixed #2 with unchecking Preferences > OCR > Searchable PDF: Enter metadata after text recognition.

Issue #1 and #3 outstanding.

Made some progress on issue #1. Preferences > Import > Destination > Select Group. Except it doesn’t really “fix” the workflow as it creates a popup with each scan asking where to import the scan to. How can I get it to remember the open database (only one database involved here).

The group selector remembers the last location you selected, so you should be able to just press Return when it appears, assuming you are saving to the same location repeatedly.

I cannot reproduce the issue of the deletion warning appearing.
Does it persist after quitting and relaunching DEVONthink?

PS: You should not expect all behaviors in DEVONthink 3 to be the same as in DEVONthink 2.x They are not the same application, and 3 is not a mere upgrade from 2.

Actually this doesn’t even look like an alert of DEVONthink 3 although its icon is used. Maybe a script?

Hi Bluefrog!

When you say “The group selector remembers the last location you selected”, does that mean I should have a prompt selection each and every scan? Or, once I select the save location at the beginning of a batch of scans (for instance), the save location is retained and not prompted for a new location each scan?

Right now I am seeing the former, despite numerous DT3 restarts.


It is not a script; I think I have it figured out though… it is Finder. My scanner saves the data to an external drive. I think this prompt is because of the temporary scanned files being on said external drive.

It will display the group selector in each import. However, if you choose a group, like Database A > New Scans, it would be selected the next time the group selector appears, so you can just press Return to accept that location.