DTPO and already existing image files

Just wondering what the best way is to do OCR on files that are already in a DT database – ie pdfs that I placed in DT Pro before switching to DTPO. What I do now is find the file in the FInder, duplicate it, then import the duplicate with OCR. (I duplicate because I don’t want DT to think there is a Finder file in there that no longer lives there; seems like asking for trouble.)

Then I delete the old non-OCR version.

It’s kind of clunky and makes me wonder if I have not missed a faster way.

Btw bringing in IRIS was a brilliant move. The OCR feature is great. Hence my question.


I have the same problem – just started testing the OCR on documents I had moved into DT, and found that I have to export them and re-import to get the OCR performed.

Any chance of getting the OCR to work on existing DT documents? Or are we stuck with an applescript to create a tmp file? :slight_smile:

The next release will have everything: contextual menu, applescript support and workflows to do all this. The hard thing will be to choose what method to use…