DTPO and email import

I’ve got MailSteward 7, and the upgrade to 8 is a paid upgrade. Does anyone know how does DTPO compare to the functionality of that program?

MailSteward saves attachments, lets me export mail messages as text files if I choose, and I can reply directly from in MailSteward and it creates a new Mail message, it also stores sent emails in it’s archive. Also MailSteward runs on a nightly automated schedule.

I’ve got DTP and if I have to pay for the MailSteward 8 upgrade, I’d rather spend the cost on DTPO if it’s functionally the same thing. I don’t need the OCR, but would pay for the upgrade to DTPO if I could consolidate my current db’s and manage my email in one application.


For e-mail archiving and back-up Mail Steward definitely is the better option. Though I import a lot of e-mail messages in DTPO I do not use it for e-mail archiving purposes. Messages that are related to one of the thematically organised folders in DTPO just find their way to these folders as part of the information stored (together with all of the other sources and documents).
The functionality of Mail Steward (scheduled back-ups, saved attachments) is extremely useful. I recommend using both programs.

Apart from the scheduling, DTPO can do all the other things. But the import is one-way, so once it’s in DTPO you cannot export it back to another mail program. You can download it and play with it (you’re allowed to import up to 200 messages per day) and see if you like it.


I don’t need to export to another email program, just to a text format. Is that possible?
EDIT: Yes, I see it is. And it lets me reply by clicking the globe icon in the toolbar.

DTPO does not save attachments from emails in the database?

Thanks for the feedback.

Edit. I just downloaded it and it “looks” like it grabbed a Word .doc file, but I can’t see how to view or save it once it’s in DTPO.

The attachments are embedded in the rich text just like in Mail. So you can double-click to open them or drag them somewhere else.

Thanks. I’ll look at it some more, I just did some scanning and the OCR does look tempting. I’ve been scanning receipts, statements for awhile now, but if I can pull them in and search via text on the document that may be the deciding factor. I’ve also pulled in some existing PDF’s via OCR and was able to search for words inside the document.

Thanks for the feedback and as I try it out some more, I’ll decide.

I think this has been answered before, but if I upgrade now to DTPO from DTP, v1.5, I’ll still have to pay for an upgrade to DTPO 2 as well from DTPO, correct?

Is there a projected release date for DTPO 2? I can get by for the short term if it’s around the corner and don’t want to pay to upgrade only to upgrade again in a few months.

As to the upgrade: Upgrade news