DTPO and HP 1220 scanner - does this combo work?

I’m currently using my flatbed Epson Perfection 3200 scanner to scan handwritten notes into DTPO. It’s working very well, but goes slow.

I have an HP 1220 laser printer with a copy/scanner sheetfed attachment on it. Has anyone used this successfully with DTPO? I’m hoping others can help me out before I spend a few hours setting it up and troubleshooting.

(The printer worked fine when I last had it hooked up.)

Thanks for your input.

You cannot use the HP directly from within DEVONthink Pro Office because HP doesn’t support Image Capture. With the latest HP software you could set it up so that the output goes straight to our application and it will start OCR. Please search on the forum for some hints on that.

Thanks, Annard. I’ll probably keep my current Epson set up then. As I said, it’s a bit slow, but it does help to see the preview screen since I’m scanning in handwritten notes written in different colored inks.

Where are the hints on using a HP Scanner? I’ve looked for them without any luck.

I can’t get a Fujitsu where I live, I need to some how make the HP work.



Search the online Help of DTPO for the term “HP ScanPro”.

To access online help, go to the menu bar and select Help > DEVONthink Pro Help.

There are some recent posts on the forum with slightly more detailed instructions.