DTPO and HP Scanjet Scanner -- Is it possible

Dear Friends,

I am new both to DevonThink and to the MAC.

I have been trying to get DTPO to work with my HP Scanjet 4570c.

My understanding is that the scanner will work in DTPO only if the scanner works with Image Capture. I have downloaded the most recent Scanjet software from HP, installed it, and tested it out. It seems to work fine by itself.

However, Image Capture insists “No Image Capture device connected.” When I go to Image Capture/devices and browse, HPScanPro is listed under Twain devices but is only gray. When I click on it, nothing happens.

So my questions are

Is it (or how is it) possible for DTPO to work with my Scanjet 4570c?

Will I have better luck with a Canon LiDE 70?

In your opinion, Is there a better choice for a flatbed scanner to work with DTPO ( I mainly scan from books and journals)?

Thank you for your assistance.


I think we updated the documentation to inform our users that HP scanners are not supported because HP doesn’t support Image Capture. You will also find help for a workaround there.

With any Canon scanner you should have much better luck. While I can’t recommend one or another, I can say that I have used 3 models of Canon scanners and they all posed no problems.

Dear Annard and others.

Thanks for the help. It’s great to know when something just isn’t possible – such as getting the HP scanjet to work with image capture.

And the documentation notes were helpful.

However, the work-around suggested doesn’t seem to work either.

The documentation suggests “tell it to send the scanned file to DEVONthink Pro Office (in the HP software this feature is scalled ‘scan destinations.’”

However, when I go to the HP Scanner Preferences and look at the Destination pull down for both “Scan Picture” and “Scan Document”, DEVONthink Pro Office does not appear on the list, though other programs such as Word and Text Edit are listed.

Am I missing something? Is there some preference or plug-in I should run to get DTPO on the destination list?

Again, many thanks for the assistance.



Maybe I should have added “some work required”. We’re not so famous (yet) that HP will add our application to that list. Take the Photoshop settings as an example and set it up so it sends the raw scan data to DTPO. Then it will work.

Dear Annard and others,

Again, please understand that I am new to Macs and may be missing something obvious.

The latest MAC imaging software for the HP scanner sets up something called Image Zone.

Under destinations there is a list of programs, but, as far as I can tell, no way to add to it. The HP documentation under “Send to a Program” says:

“Once you finish viewing and changing the scanned image, you can perform a final scan and send it directly to a program such as the HP Image Zone or your e-mail program. If the program you want is not available as a scan destination, save the image to a file, and then open it in the destination program as you normally would.”

Following a suggestion in the HP documentation, I also tried re-installing DTPO to see if that would have Image Zone automatically recognize DTPO as a destination, but that had no effect either.

Thus, I haven’t found a way to set up DTPO as a destination, and hence no way for the work-around to work.

So I seem to be left with a workflow of saving to an image file and then bring that into DTPO. (Which, all is all, is not a terrible solution.)

I wondering if you or others have any additional thoughts or suggestions on scanning from an HP scanner.

Thanks you for your help.


Back in September I had an HP scanner for 1 day before I returned it since it didn’t work with Image Capture. But with the software I downloaded from it, I could set it up.

I think you have to hope other users can give you more specific instructions since I don’t have my screen shots anymore (they are supposed to end up in the final documentation).

I have a HP Officejet 5610 AIO. My father has a HP Officejet 7210 and this worked for both of them.

  1. Just setup DTPO in the HP Device Manager. Choose Scan Preferences and choose a Scan Destination. I entered PDF to DTPO in this blank box.

  2. In the select application box, browse to DTOP.

  3. Choose PDF as document format.

Steps 1 - 3 above are a one time setup and do not have to be repeated.

  1. Whenever you scan, you the HP Scan Pro application and choose PDF to DTPO in the destination box in the upper right hand comer of the window.

As your Mac does an intermediate step of scanning into HP Scan Pro and than into DTOP, it takes a little bit of time.

When DTOP has the PDF passed to it from HP Scan Pro, the PDF is imported and the OCR software starts automatically.

It sounds difficult, but after a few scans, its old hat.


Great tips! But every time I try to do as you instruct, I get a message saying tha “OCR support for HP Scan Pro has not been installes”. Any suggestions?