DTPO and Mojave "Running out of Application Memory"

Hello All

I’ve been banging my head up against this problem for weeks now and have yet to find a solution.

It seems that on Mojave, DTPO triggers some sort of behaviour in MacOS that causes it to quickly run out of memory and crash. This never happened in prior versions of the operating system, going back at least one major version.

What happens: soon (minutes to hours) after starting the Mac and launching my usual applications, including DTPO, the machine will see a sudden spike in memory consumption and promptly freeze, require a complete hard reset to get it working again.

Steps taken to attempt to fix it:

reset PRAM

  • reset SMC
  • reinstalled DTPO
  • followed these instructions (unsuccessfully due to SIP) gist.github.com/walesmd/7315613
  • completely wiped and reinstalled the operating system from scratch

Having done the last step and carefully added back applications one by one it’s with near certainty that I can point the finger at DTPO.

Other symptoms that maybe relevant include a very high CPU load from iconservicesagent during the high memory “pressure” event. It suggests there might be an issue with Spotlight/Quicklook. There are known bugs with the Sketch application that look just like the behaviour I’ve been seeing with DTPO (I don’t have or use Sketch)

Other things peculiar to my setup: I use 3 quite large databases, all encrypted and all synced to a Dropbox location. I do not run the Dropbox agent on my Mac.

As it stands, I’m completely unable to start or use DTPO on my Mac .

Any and all help appreciated!

How large and encrypted how?

The largest DB is nearly 12GB, the other two are just 500MB each. All are encrypted with the native DTPO encryption using a password on the Sync Store.

Just to be clear: Your databases are not encrypted, nor are they stored in a sync store. The raw sync data in the sync location is encrypted, but your databases are not.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket. Thanks!