DTPO and Time Machine

The other day I need to look up an older version of a folder I have in DTPO. I thought that I could use Time Machine, scroll back to several weeks ago, open DTPO and browse through that version. However, DTPO does not open at all. An icon/floating window is all I can open. What is a good way to look up the contents of a folder that I may have had in the past?

I regularly make Time Machine backups, and I also have scheduled automated daily backups in DTPO. What else can I do to ensure that I have access to older files/ versions?

hmm, try the following: select your folder in DTPO and hopefully there is the option available to “show in Finder”. Then go (or stay) to/in the folder that just has appeared in Finder and open Time Machine. After restoring that Folder (since I’m not sure how/if this works do not replace but select “keep both versions” of that Folder). Now you have at least restored that (old) content - try to import that Folder or rename and see if DTPO reflects that change.

As said, not sure if this works, just an idea to get (old) data back…

“Folder”? Do you mean you are opening the database package in Finder and looking through the internal file structure in the package? Not a great idea, regardless of whether TimeMachine is in the picture.

If I have deleted something from a database, for example, and know I have to recover it via TimeMachine, I close the database, close DEVONthink. Open TimeMachine, restore the entire database to another location rather than the place where it was original kept. Open the restored database in DEVONthink. Find the file(s) I need. Export them to the Desktop or Downloads. Close the restored database. Delete it and empty the OS X trash. Re-open DEVONthink and open the current (non-TimeMachine) version of the database, and import the restored files.

Time consuming? Yes. Safe? Definitely.

korm’s suggestion is definitely a safe approach.

I tried following Korm’s steps, but I could not make it work. I still get to that floating window/ folder when I try to open the database in Time Machine or when I open DTPO. I want to attach a picture, but for some reason this is not working too. (I would attach the file, click Submit, and then I see an empty message box. Three failed attempts!) I have not tried to open the files by looking where they are actually stored.

While I am at it, may I move the DTPO backups to an external hard drive? I actually did that already, which may have been a very bad idea, but I had only 11 GB free space on my mac.

My suggested steps do not involve opening the database in Time Machine. That’s a bad idea. I suggested restoring the database to a location and opening the database from there.

No idea what you’re seeing or why.

There’s a lot of missing information in these posts, I think. Perhaps you would be better served by opening a ticket directly with Support (here or here or support_at_devontechnologies_dot_com), where you can get faster, more personalized attention than the forum.