DTPO as Paperless replacement?


I know there are already some threads about this, but I really haven’t found an overall answer yet.

I am currently evaluating both, Paperless and DTPO. I know that this might be a little bit like comparing apples and oranges. What I want is to organize my “regular” files and my invoices (incoming and outgoing), but want to avoid using two programs for document management.

I don’t need that “fancy chart stuff” Paperless provides, but easy (maybe dynamic, script-toggled) reports that show how much I spent (got) in a certain year/quarter/month and for what (categories). I know that the category (tag) and date can be set and modified, but is there a way to include the invoicing amount as well? Would it be possible to create a script that creates those reports?

I do have some regular incoming and outgoing invoices. Is it possible to create a script that is toggled each month and creates those (based on a template)?

Thanks in advance!

Strange that this comes up several times in these forums, and does not get much attention or even a reply. I’m in the same boat as you are, and just wrote something on another thread in this forum; maybe there are even more?

I would also be interested in a response to this. We have years of valuable data in Mariner Paperless. But DTPO is superior in so many ways and we are using it for all new data. Unfortunately, importing files from Paperless is a very slow, tedious, manual process. So I guess we will be stuck using both apps for the foreseeable future. Unless/until some sort of import automation (with metadata, tags, dates, folders etc) becomes available in DTPO. Thanks.