DTPO Bulk Scanning Merge

Every time I get documents I need to file, I load them into my scanner document tray, start the scan process and walk away.

There are many different documents in the tray. My thinking is that I want to scan them, then come back and classify/file them. To that end, I select for each sheet to be placed into its own file.

My challenge is collating these files together. There is no easy way that I am aware of to select a starting scan and ending scan and have those documents merged into a new document with the pages in the order of the list window. It would be great to have this operation and have it prompt for a final file name as well for use in the new merged document. Once the merge is complete, the original single page files should be moved to the trash.

I’d appreciate any thoughts y’all may have on the subject.

Thanks and regards,

I did discover that I had missed the MERGE command on the right-click menu. This seems to work great. If it would prompt for a new file name and metadata rather than have me rename the file in the list, that would be even better! (Yes, I’m lazy. I like as few steps and clicks as possible. )