DTPO crashes

I am quite disappointed by the precarious stability of DevonThink. Software of this kind—and with this target group, which largely consists researchers and knowledge workers—should be impeccable in that respect. I am not delusional and realize that all software is prone to crashing once in a while. But crashing once a week or so, and therefore losing data as frequently, especially when RAM runs low and databases are large, is frankly infuriating.

I am attaching a crash report at the following location:

Memory leaks? Other rough edges? I don’t know what it is, but it needs to be fixed.

Thank you.

Thanks for the bug report! Actually the text engine/rendering of Mac OS X is causing the crash. Are you able to reproduce this, e.g. by opening a plain/rich text document? In addition, please check if there are any duplicate/damaged fonts on your system.

Thanks, cgrunenberg, for the immediate response.

The text rendering engine is indeed likely involved because the other day it was impossible to import an rtf into DTPO, which would just hang and require a force-quit. At that moment I tried to open TextEdit, and it simply would not run. Perhaps the two incidents are actually one?

Please note however that no problems with TextEdit were noted today, when my machine produced this particular crash report.

Regarding my font book, there was no corruption as far as I can tell but there were indeed numerous duplicate fonts that I just deleted.

Do you have any ideas as to where and what the root cause is? It does not feel good to live under the threat of data loss :slight_smile:

At least possible and likely.

Unfortunately I can’t tell as I’ve never experienced this on my own. Maybe a damaged cache? Some system maintenance (use e.g. “Onyx”) should fix this.