DTPO died while there was a big queue of scans... where are

I have just starting using DTPO and so far I really love it. I spent nearly all day Saturday scanning a ton of my files into it. I am using a Fujitsu ScanSnap 510M for scanning and am basically using the default setup. At one point, I had scanned in a bunch of documents… probably about 20-25 ahead of what had been converted and visible in DTPO. I went off doing some other things in DT and it died/crashed. When I restarted DTPO, the 20-25 documents I expected to still be in the queue and eventually show up in DTPO. They never did. What happened to those scanned files? I re-scanned them already, but I want to make sure they aren’t floating around on my system some where.

I don’t know why your queue of scans wasn’t finished. One possibility is that you ran out of free disk space, as each page of a document is first saved as a temporary file by the scanner driver software, then assembled into the complete PDF file. Then in OCR, each page is saved as a temporary file, then the final searchable PDF is saved.

You should find the previously scanned documents that had not been OCRd in the location in which you told ScanSnap Manager to save PDF output. DTPO2 can Import and OCR those PDFs – File > Import > Images (with OCR).

Note that in DTPO2 Preferences > OCR you have the option to delete the image-only PDF saved by ScanSnap Manager after it has been OCRd.