DTPO, DTTG and pCloud WebDAV sync

I’m considering buying 500gb lifetime space in pCloud to use as sync location for DTPO and DTTG. Has anyone tried pCloud? Heard they have WebDAV, so it should work?

pCloud doesn’t offer WebDAV. And keep your databases away from their pCloud Drive and ”instant synchronization". You ALWAYS want local resources, not “Hey! Everything’s in the cloud now!"

Also, be cautious as these services come and go quickly.

Hmmm ok… I guess I will wait and pray for the iCloud issues on iPad to be resolved… full iCloud support for DTTG would be a blessing. On DTPO it was super fast, and I also like their prices.

It’s just a special local sync store located in iCloud Drive, the actual down/uploading is performed by iCloud Drive afterwards. That’s why it’s fast and why the same approach is impossible on iOS.

Be careful with using Cloud-services. Password leak out from time to time and if you use an iOS device you need to pay for data when away from WiFi.

I went with DevonThink to start with JUST because it syned fast and safe, inside my own home network. Only me and my wife uses the WiFi so safer than if you i.e. are syncing your computer on an airport or a café.

I tried Evernote once but not as safe (think their passwords leaked out at one time) and on top I had to pay for the entries and did not feel safe uploading personal document sto someone elses server.

What I do once a month is to make a copy of my database, encrypt it in Disk Utility (256) and copy the sparse image over to my iCloud Drive. Feel ok with that and it is just a emergency in case of fire since my TimeCapsule are in my own house.

pCloud does have webDAV sync: webdav.pcloud.com. It syncs fast, but… from time to time I get an error message in DVth, that a .manifest cannot be verified.

Q: what is the impact of that error on the reliability of synced data? All data I synced seems to arrive “on the other side” OK. No missing data.

One of the error messages I got is this one:

3eb77f2d345fceb9f108b3c6bbed71c61a16c02fc7b232e591b3a535dadc4931/514741601.130-9e7f7be765f08cbe893fd2f3170abf4f0cf6bfdf-2375448085.manifest Verification failed

I contacted pCloud helpdesk and gave them some screenshots containing the error message.

They are now looking into the case.


I would right-click the Sync location in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync and choose Clean Location. This will remove the Sync data and allow you to Sync afresh.

Tnx BLUEFROG, will give that a try. Regards, Peter.


Performed your suggestion and synced several times. Upto now no error messages. Good hopes :slight_smile:. Tnx.

Kind regards,

No problem. Cheers!