DTPO - Duplicate folders in Indexed Items

I’ve just come across something odd.

I keep the bulk of our project files in a folder structure in Finder, indexed in DTPO.

This morning, 4 of the folders (out of around 30) are duplicated. They’re not duplicated in the Finder. I rebuilt the database but the duplicates remain.

What might this be? The only hypothesis I’ve come up with is that it may be some oddity of iCloud. The folders that are indexed are stored in iCloud, and maybe a timing issue between DTPO syncing and iCloud syncing?

The timing shouldn’t matter as the sync uses also the path of indexed cloud folders to avoid duplicates due to timing issues. Are you able to reproduce this?

To fix this you could remove the duplicates, this shouldn’t delete the folders in the Finder (but creating a backup of the folders first might be a good idea nonetheless)


As a test, I indexed the folders fresh (so now, for the moment, I have two indices of the Finder folder structure)

The new index doesn’t have the duplicates but has more items than the old one (933 items/780MB in the new index, 788 at 716MB in the original).

I’m no wiser to the cause but I can resolve now but deleting the original index (backing up first, of course!)

The old one wasn’t up to date probably, File > Updated Indexed Items should fix this.

I had tried Update Indexed Items as soon as I saw the original problem, i the hope tat it might resolve the duplicates issue. Network connection was good and I waited a fairly long time to ensure it completed OK

What kind of sync location do you use?

My own WebDAV server (running under MacOS Server)

You could also synchronize on your own e.g. via File > Synchronize or Preferences > Sync. The preferences display also the date of the last synchronization.