DTPO EMail Import Benchmarks

Do you have any performance benchmarks you can share regarding time to import e-mail messages from Apple Mail or Entourage into DTPro Office?

I am in the process of importing around 10,000 messages and it’s estimating 2 hours.


I recently imported 8,000 messages and it did so in less than 1 hour. Of course, emails vary in length, attachments and the such. My guess is DTPO won’t take the full 2 hours, but it’s providing a conservative estimate that will be updated and shortened as it goes through the updating process.

Unfortunately I can say “how much less” than an hour my import took. I just assumed it would take awhile and went away for lunch.

It is a rough estimate that gets fine-tuned over time. There are a lot of things happening during import, it doesn’t just convert emails to RTF. So, if you really need to dump everything in one database (although we advise topical databases) go and take a break.