dtpo Email Import Choking

Importing email from Mac Mail 2.1 on os x 10.4.8 using dtpo 1.3beta2 downloaded yesterday is successful only some of the time: some folders (800-1200 emails) are imported successfully (using file/import/email), but then one folder will be only partly imported and restarting the import or closing down and restarting dtpo altogether does not solve the problem. Creating a new database will allow me to begin again, but after a few folders it freezes again: the older “frozen” folder will be imported, and the freezing happens with others – I don’t think this has to do with any particular Mail folder. What might I do next? And, how do I combine the dtpo databases I’ve got thus far. (I’ve not had luck finding an answer to this question in your FAQ or in this DT/DN Troubleshooting forum: maybe there is another place to look for these questions?

We don’t want our software to choke on anything, so if this happens it’s a problem. There are known problems related to HTML conversion that have been solved in the next release. Also some memory leaks might have caused problems that have been fixed. So, since it won’t be long for that one to be out, I would recommend you try again with the next version.

Thanks for the advice. B