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The new email import is awesome. Really like it. At the same time, I would be good if there was a visual indication of a file attachment to the original message.

In other words, after I’ve imported the emai it would be nice if there was a way to show that the recored had a file that was attached to it.

It’s probably obvious and I’m just missing it.

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At this point in time there is no way to find out if any attachments were included other than by looking at the contents of the message.

Thanks Annard. Seems like it would be useful for file types that were not imported or email attachments to have a column with an indicaiton that there was a file attached.

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Has the answer to this question changed since the original posts?
I’ve been combing the forum and this seems to be the closest to what I’d like to find out, i.e.- is there a way of sorting or easily identifying archived emails that have attachments without actually opening the emails up? (Note-I’m not wanting indexed attachments.)

When using Apple Mail I file emails daily. Some attachments are worth saving & filing by themselves, but most are just good to reference in the context of the email. The ‘attachment’ icon in Mail’s View>Columns>Attachments has been extremely useful in this way.

I have just imported all my Apple Mail into DTPO for archiving. Is there some tool or method of reproducing that functionality in DTPO that I’ve overlooked? (Forgive me if I’ve overlooked a simple an obvious answer, but I’m just really learning to use DTPO.)

Though I’ll still be using DTPO for other data management, this is important enough to me that lack of this ability would be reason to look at other options for email archiving.

Lots of things have changed since 2006, but there’s not a way of sorting or searching for email messages in a DTPO archive that contain attachments.

Nor, to the best of my memory, have there been many user requests for such a feature.

Squeaky wheels are more likely to get attention. Which is to say, the more popular a user request becomes, the more likely it is to get factored into development plans. :slight_smile:

Disappointed to hear that, but good to know I hadn’t missed something simple in the docs. Thank you kindly Bill for your speedy response. Wish me well in learning to marshall the rest of DTPO.

I would heartily second this request.

I’d also love to see, in addition to a column showing an attachment flag, a columns showing the tag names.

Finally, the “Author” and “Recipient” fields show a blank if the sender name (as opposed to e-mail address) isn’t filled in. In such cases, it would be nice to show the e-mail address instead of a blank.

I’d like to bump this request for a feature that automatically shows emails with attachments. This seems like a major omission in respect of business users who receive contracts, documents, press releases, price lists, etc. and then have to go through their emails and tag them to easily find emails that include attachments.

If anyone knows of an easy way to do this, I’d be very grateful for suggestions. The lack of this feature is absorbing a lot of my time at the present that I could be using more productively.


Second this.
I am currently checking DTPO’s email archiving and handling and am now searching the board as I found no option for listing mails with attachments as I couldn’t believe there is none.

Also I would appreciate the option, that attachments get indexed. Having to add them in a second step to the database to get them indexed and creating a note or a link to tie them to the original email they were sent with is just not doable for me in a reasonable time.

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I too would appreciate (a) a way of finding emails that have attachments and (b) automatically-indexed attachments.

I fully second this requirement.