DTPO Entourage Mail Import

I have been experimenting with the new mail import features in DT Pro Office. The bulk of my work-related email is in Entourage, as is all of the records from my online courses (University of Phoenix, “classes” are NNTP news groups). The UOP classes I had been archiving in Entourage local folders over the past few years, and to reduce the size of my Entourage DB I desire to import these folders into DT.

The few times that I have attempted this most of the “folder” is imported with no threading. What is strange is that 2-4 “threads” in the folder import properly and show up in DT as a thready, but the remaining threads do not.

Any thoughts / ideas?

Bump - anyone?

Threading is a bit of a black art and it depends on many factors to make it succeed. The algorithm that is used is the one also used by GNUmail. Basically, if the messages you import do not keep proper track of the references of previous messages that are related, the thread may be off. I have noticed during development that you cannot depend on a lot of mail programs to do a proper job. The first incarnations of Apple Mail were horrible for instance.