DTPO: How to delete an attach in an imported e-mail?


I downloaded DTPO adn I think it will be it´s money worth. Nevertheless, I have a question concerning imported e-mails.

I imported e-mails from apple mail smart folder to DTPO through the plug in (which takes a very long time because it says it has to look in the sent folder to resolve something).

Anyway. What I want to know is: How can I delete attached files in e-mails in DTOP, when the e-mails are already imported? (because the file is already in the database).

Thanks in advance


You can convert the record to rich text, then remove the attachments and delete the original record.

Dear Annard,

sorry, but perhaps my entry is capabl of being misunderstood (my Englisch, sorry)

I talk about already imported emails (from Apple Mail to DTP Office). In DTPOffice the emails are in RTF already.

Now I would like to delete attached files, like an pdf or an word-document, but this does not work. It´s possible to mark/select the attached file, but nothing happend when I press the “delete button” or what ever else.

I hope now I explained it better.

I know that is what you meant. :slight_smile: So my advice is still valid. The RTF files that represent your email are made Read-Only on purpose (since it’s for archival purposes), so you can’t change them directly. In order to change its contents you will need to create a new file with the original contents and change that.

I hope this explanation is better? (I tend to write brief answers in contrast to Bill, he can teach me a page or two). :wink:

ah, okay, now I get it. Thanks. I didn´t realize what you´ve meant with record.

I try what you propose then.

The other possibillity then will be to delete the attached file in the original email.

Okay, thanks.

Wish you a nice day.