DTPO - Import email folders with sub-folders

I purchased DTPO, and I’m trying to import and index my email folders. I have many IMAP folders with rather deep hierarchies. So far, I find I just have to click each level and import them one at a time… ack!

Is there not a way I can go to the top of the hierarchy and import them all?

NOTE: I’m on a mac, using Outlook. I don’t normally use MacMail, I use Postbox, so I was using that as my import tool. Perhaps I’ll launch Mac Mail and see if that interface is more to my liking.

It is inadvisable to try and import very large mailboxes in one shot. It is a resource-intensive process and is better handled in batches / subMailboxes.

Also, the Archive Mailbox option will preserve the structure.

And yes, Apple Mail will offer the tightest integration.