DTPO - import of Outlook emails


After successful import of Outlook email inbox, and after several subsequent updates (imports), it stopped working.

Now it says, that “Unloaded messages found in folder ‘Inbox’” which makes not much sense to me and I’m not sure how to proceed…


Thank you in advance,

Does it work again after restarting DEVONthink and/or Outlook or the computer?

Unfortunately, not.

Does it work after moving the messages from the inbox to a local mailbox?

Basically, it never went into the Inbox. From the very start I’ve imported outlook mailbox straight to the dedicated group.

Even if I delete the folder/group with imported emails and start the process from scratch - it fails now with the same error.

I suspect that some state of the Outlook mailbox causes this error in the DTPO.

Just a minor misunderstanding - my suggestion was actually to move the emails in Outlook from the inbox to another mailbox and to try to import them to DEVONthink afterwards.


It appears that actually my corporate Outlook INBOX has 2 tabs - Focused and Other.

I’ve just created another folder inside Outlook mailbox and moved all messages from Focused tab to it. And it worked OK.
When I try to import then original INBOX (which now has empty Focused tab and some messages in Other tab) - I see the same problem, I described in the first post. So, it is quite possible that the issue is with importing Outlook INBOXes of such a kind (Focused/Other).