DTPO Quits on Launch

DEVONthink Pro Office is quitting every time I launch it after telling me my databases are open - they are not.

Any way round this guys. I’ve noticed DEVONthink has got progressively unreliable since I started using DEVONthink To Go. I think the synching has caused problems for my desktop databases.

Anyway, please help me out. WTF do I do to get working again???

I am pretty disappointed no one seems prepared to come to my rescue here. I’m left wondering if this forum has any point to it.

Sorry to say I can’t offer any assistance, other than to suggest that requests that require a quick response are perhaps best done through the ticket system. At this time of day, I expect that you’ll not get a response before tomorrow at the earliest.

The “in use” message will result from an attempt to access an already open database (which could cause damage) – unfortunately easy to do if one gets careless using DropBox.

It will also be displayed after any event that failed to properly close databases that had been in use, including a System or application crash, a Force Quit, a forced computer shutdown, a power outage, etc.

It’s recommended to run Tools > Verify & Repair to check for possible damage after seeing such a message and pressing the “Continue” button to open the database.

If one encounters crashes of a DEVONthink application we recommend that the user send a message to Support that includes as attachments a) a recent crash report for the DEVONthink application and b) a copy of the system profile file (launch System Profiler from Applications > Utilities, press File > Save and attach the resulting profile file).