DTPO RSS Feed - Partial Download

I’m trying to download the entire back-track of posts on a blog via its RSS feed (awwproject.wordpress.com/feed/ if you need the specific feed as an example). DTPO seems only to download only the 5 most recent items, however, which doesn’t help me.

Does anyone know how to get DTPO to request previous posts from an RSS feed?

Thanks in advance for your help.

The quantity of old posts that can be retrieved from an RSS feed is determined by that feed’s provider. Many feed providers issue only 5 or 10 posts at a time. DT can be configured to save old posts, but DT can not recover posts that the feed provider is no longer publishing. Aggregators such as Google’s news reader (reader.google.com) supposedly have the history of most feeds going back to their inception, though it is a manual process to prove that for any given feed. For the feed you mentioned, I see that Google has a history of about 120 posts going back to May 2009.

Thanks. That explains a lot. I always wondered why Google Reader was able to retrieve the entire history of feeds…