DTPO Scanning - where is Subject line after save?

For a while I thought I had no use for the features of DTP Office, so didn’t download it. It finally dawned on me that I can scan in all my handwritten notes for my current project, so I’ve been doing that (with my Epson Perfection 3200) and it’s great.

However, when I’m saving the file, it asks for a Subject line, but I cannot find a way to display this after the file is in the database. “Comments” - both in the 3-pane view and the Information panel - shows only ‘keywords’. In the View -> Columns list there’s no selection for Subject.

How do I get the Subject line to display?

Thanks for your help.

The full set of attributes doesn’t show up in Preview or in PDFKit, which is what DTPO uses to display PDF documents.

I haven’t checked, but I suspect the Subject line would show up in Acrobat.

As I usually scan a number of documents at a time, I turn off the option to enter attributes anyway, as that slows down the queue. :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, Bill. :smiley:

So to have the contents of the Subject line show up in DTPO (which is what I want), I need to enter that information in the Keywords section? Because it’s the Keyword section that shows up as Comments. I’m assuming there’s no way to change that.

(I can see the Subject line in Preview, under Show Info, but I’m wanting to see that information in DTPO.)

To have Acrobat read the PDF, do I have to Export the scanned PDF? (Acrobat isn’t my default PDF Viewer so clicking on the button in the Info panel brings up Preview.)

Again, thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

Currently, the only way you would see ‘Subject’ text in DTPO would be to copy it also into the Keywords section. It will then be visible in the Comment field of the document’s Info Panel.

If you have Acrobat installed and wish to open a PDF under Acrobat, use ‘Open With’ (an option under the toolbar’s Actions button) and choose Acrobat.

Thanks, Bill. :slight_smile: The metadata is there in Acrobat.

I’ll see if I can track down a WishList for DT and ask if the Subject can be added to the Information panel. Also a Column heading choice would be nice, but that might be too greedy.