DTPO, ScanSnap iX500 and Home under MacOS Mojave.


I have some questions about DEVONthink Pro Office and ScanSnap iX500 or ScanSnap Home under MacOS Mojave.

  1. Is it possible or will it be possible again in the future to scan only with DTPO and do the OCR? Or at least to do the OCR with DTPO? As far as I know, the OCR of DTPO delivers better results than the OCR of ScanSnap.
  2. Is it possible to reinstall the old ScanSnap Manager to restore the old functionality?

Now questions about DTPO

I want to digitize my entire folders / documents. I want to keep my digital and physical folders identical so that I can quickly find my physical documents using the structure on the computer.

  1. Is it possible to digitally insert “dividers”? That the DTPO folder looks like the physical folder at the end.
  2. Is there any script that can automatically rename scanned documents? Based on the document name and the date of the document. The file name should look like Year_Month_Day_Titel.pdf. The only problem is that in Germany the date looks like this: Day_Month_Year
  3. Ideally the PDFs in the Finder are sorted by date and in DTPO like the physical folder. Is that possible?
  4. Can I use DTPO as bookmark management for URLs?
  5. Is it possible to split or merge a PDF easily after scanning?

I am very grateful about every tip

You cannot scan with a ScanSnap scanner in DEVONthink (or other apps). Fujitsu only allows you to use their software for scanning. Yes, you can receive scans into DTPO and do the OCR there, if desired. Turn it off in ScanSnap Home (see comments in this thread: Scanner recommended)

This is a Fujitsu question, not a DEVONtech one but I’d guess the answer will be no.


Not “automatic”, no and you should look at the naming options in ScanSnap Home, as they have added different naming options from ScanSnap Manager.

You can choose View > Sort > Unsorted to manually sort items, but this will not be an automatic process for this.

DEVONthink supports Bookmarks, so technically speaking, yes.

Yes, both options are available.

A functional trial that will run for 150 non-consecutive hours can be downloaded from here: DEVONtechnologies | Download
Also, there is a manual available here: devontechnologies.com/downl … nuals.html