DTPO Server Problem

I have just installed DTPO and have set up a test db as a web server.

The test db was updated from DTP. I played around with it, moving documents into new groups. Then I turned on the web serve.

I can reach the search page on port 8081 from another computer on our LAN, can run a query and get a list of results. So far so good. But when I attempt to open one of the found documents from the list, I get a 404 not found.

Any idea?

DTPO 1.3.4 with OS X 10.5.1.

I just noticed, also, that although I registered the app when I did the install, the about window is showing “Unregistered”.



  1. I just ran a check on the Server mode of a database and it worked fine. Search results included a variety of document types, rich text, PDF, WebArchive and HTML.

Note: You can view many document file types, including all of the above, directly in your browser by clicking on the name of the result. No need to download those unless you wish to save them to the other computer.

Check that “404” file result directly in your database. What do you see if you search for that file in your database.?

Running DT Pro Office 10.3.4 under OS X 10.5.1. Remote access to the database using Safari’s Bonjour.

  1. Check your license code email that you received when you registered DT Pro Office (not DT Pro). It should properly register DT Pro Office.

Hi Bill,

I decided to do a reinstall, and now everything is working correctly. Thanks for your help.