DTPO shortcut in Camino?

does the shortcut apple+) to copy marked text into my DTPO database work as well in Camino 1.5.

I use this shortcut often in Safari, but here on my MacBook I´d like to use Camino, because it´s much faster.

Thanks in advance


Hi, Marcus. That keyboard shortcut works for a DT Service to copy selected text/images as a rich text note in the database.

It works for browsers that use Cocoa code, but not necessarily for others (the browser developers would need to build in Services compatibility if possible). Example: OS X Services are not available in Firefox. So, as I do a great deal of capturing data from the Web and want it to be fast and easy, Firefox isn’t among my browser choices.

I haven’t checked Camino lately, but if it can’t handle OS X Services, any speed advantage is lost (in fact operational speed would drop to the back of the pack) as concerns data capture from the Web.

Think of using software like you would use tools to accomplish tasks. You would pick software that accomplishes your tasks most efficiently.

Hi Bill, thanks for your explanation,

instead of using the shortcut I will using drag and drop for the selected text, which works much better in Camino than in Safari.

This is what I like in DTPO: There are many different ways to do the same job.

Wish you a nice day.


Hi, Marcus. The disadvantage of using drag & drop of selected text is that it doesn’t carry over the URL of the source page as metadata attached to the new database document. If the URL is important as documenting the source of the material, it must be manually copied and then pasted into the new document’s Info panel.

The advantage of Safari, DEVONagent and the built-in browser in DT is that rich text capture of selected material from a Web page automatically ‘carries over’ and enters the page URL in the new document’s Info panel.

ah, thanks for the hint, this I wasn´t aware. good to know.

Although I own Devonagent, (and like it in some way), I don´t use it much, because it lacks some features which I think a standard browser needs, e.g. pop up blocker and flash blocker and a better bookmark handling.

I like very much the possibillity to save pdfs directly into my DTPO database.