DTPO - size of PDF after OCR scan


I just notice that an article i downloaded from JStor increased about 7 times in size after an OCR scan with DTPO. Is it possible to somehow reduce this or is this the price to pay for it?


The next release will downsample the images to 150dpi, resulting in substantial space savings.

That is good to hear, thanks.


Could it be possible to downsample even further say 72 dpi?

its just 150 is still quite a considerable sized document especially if youre using devonthink as a paperless office?

I the new version will it be able to downsample documents already imported or just newly imported pdf’s?

its just if im going to have to reimport them i may as well convert them in acrobat to the resolution i need and then reimport them back to devonthink office now?

There is an Automator workflow shipped in Extras that will allow you to downsample to anything you want. In my experience 150dpi is a nice compromise between size and suitability for printing (also on screen when you zoom in to detect the hard to read fine print!).