DTPO sync to BOX - using 2 box user accounts


I’m trying to establish following:

  • simple paid Box 3 user account
  • existing box_store.dtCloud syncstore

2 DTPO users, different mac’s using the same ‘Box’ syncstore.

The first time I added the Box syncstore to DTPO, it accepted all settings (copied from the other already existing DTPO mac) but unasked DTPO created a new folder with the name of the syncstore.
-> deleted this box sync in DTPO
-> deleted newly created folder using Box web interface

Next, (I believe) I adjusted the existing Box syncstore to add user editor rights for the 2nd user.
Checked visibility in the 2nd user Box web interface - everything looks ok.
Next again added Box syncstore to DTPO, this time no folder was created, however, the remote DB’s are not visible, so I can not import any DB??

How to debug this situation?
Thanks for any help!

2x box_store.dtCloud.png

Very probably all the folders & files inside must have the same access rights?
I’ve adjusted these using the Box web interface, however no DB’s to import on 2nd mac show up yet…

I plan to do another test: first set up an empty shared folder with the correct privileges, only afterwards add the syncstore?
This however is cumbersome in case you need to add users in a later stadium…

As an aside:
What if any are the privileges requirements if you use a local network syncstore?

Why did you do this?

PS: Cross account sharing is not possible.


  • the DB already existed in the Box root folder, hence the creation of another similar named folder only confuses
  • because obviously DTPO would set out to create a new DB in this folder instead of importing / synchronising the relevant DB

As an aside:
I did get it working, but I switched to use webdav instead.
But I do use 2 different user logins to connect Box over webdav to the shared

What do you specifically mean with:
“Cross account sharing is not possible.”

You should be cautious in manually managing assets created by Sync.

You can’t access the same syncStore with two different logins on Box, CloudMe, or Dropbox. If it’s stored in one account, the other account won’t have access to it.
Switching to a WebDAV account for this service may make it possible, but it is not allowed in the stock setup.

Ok - Thank you.