DTPO w Sente (keeping pdfs in DTPO however!)

Here’s a question for users of of DTPO who also use Sente 6.0: Is there a solid workflow that allows you to save files in DTPO and hyperlink them to Sente? That is, I want to keep all pdfs in my DT database, but I’d like to be able to use Sente for citation and for keeping track of all the sources that I have. So, ideally, I’d like to be able to drag a hyperlink (for another file on my computer) to Sente and, without sente importing the whole pdf (and renaming, refiling it, etc.) , I would like Sente to find the bibliographic information online and then keep a record of the file which includes the hyperlink to the DTPO file. Is there a way to do this? According to friends, this is easy to do in Bookends, so I assume it would be similar in Sente 6.0? Thank you! Waiheke123

Devonthink can index PDFs that are in the Sente database, but Sente can’t perform that trick in the other direction.

To create a DT folder for each reference in Sente, with DT (indexing) records for PDFs attached to the Sente records, you could use this script.

The functionality should be the same - the Sente PDFs will appear to be in DT.

I too struggle with this problem. After trying nearly every bibliography software, I settled on Sente. Sente is great for what it does, but it does not allow searching of pdf text, so it cannot be an ideal solution. Integration with DevonThink is the ideal for this feature, and I have tried the script linked to in this thread, but it isn’t perfect, especially if you are using Sente across computers with synchronized libraries.

I don’t know what would be a better solution. I struggle with integrating Devonthink with my other information gathering applications, as I have to work from many different machines. Evernote is one, and while the evernote to devonthink script is quite good, it produces notes that aren’t editable, but rather web archives.

Another problem with the Sente script is that it takes a snapshot of your notes at a given time, so that if you are in the process of doing research, they aren’t updated later. This is very problematic for me as I am in the early stages of my research and continually revising my notes.