DTPO Web Server through Proxy


I have set up DTP Office with the server turned on, and this works fine locally.

However I would like to expose this directly to the Internet but rather than connecting directly to DTP I would like to use my own web server to proxy connections through to DTP.

I would access it as http://www.myserver.com/devon/

However it appears that some of the URL’s used by the DTP webserver are all absolute rather than relative and this breaks my current proxy setup.

For example the initial page uses:-

which is fine which is absolute and breaks

I may be able to fix this using some rewrite rules but would it be possible to update DTPO so that it uses relative links.

I’ve just fixed the templates and will forward this so that the web interface will support this too.


Thank you for the prompt reply.

That it great news and excellent turn around!

Would it be possible to get a copy of the updated templates so I can test to see if they work?

I was previously trialling the app but I’ve not paid up my subscription and already recommended it to a few interested parties!

The web interface has to be updated too but needs some more work, the simple search interface on the other hand is already working. Just let me know if this is sufficient for you and I’ll send you an updated WebServer plugin.

I was hoping for the full interface, I’m happy to wait until this is completely resolved.

In the mean time I can tunnel connection to the web server using SSH.



There still seems to be issues with 2.0bp8.

Some links are relative and others absolute.




There still appears to be issues with a mixture of relative and absolute links in the non-beta release 2.0.

Hmm, if you can point me to which links are still absolute I’ll check them. I thought I had caught them all but as we have no configuration here that makes problems with them it’s hard to check for us.

Not sure if it might be something more complicated than a link, as the attached image shows the view I get when I connect via my proxied connecton.

In desktop/index.html:-

Did you ever get this working? I’m trying to run the same setup, and am currently seeing the full interface, but it simply says “Initializing”, and no documents show up in the pane (screenshot below). Searching doesn’t reveal anything either. My apache config has the following:

        ProxyHTMLURLMap http://www.mydomain.com:8080 /dtp
        ProxyHTMLURLMap http://mydomain.com:8080 /dtp

        ProxyPass       /dtp/   http://mydomain.com:8080/
        <Location /dtp/>
                SetOutputFilter proxy-html
                ProxyPassReverse /
                ProxyHTMLURLMap / /dtp/
        <Proxy http://mydomain.com:8080/>
                Order Allow,Deny
                Allow from all

The html in my browser shows as follows:

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" xml:lang="en" lang="en"><!--
// index.html
// Viewer
// Created by Ross Boucher on 5/19/2008.
// Copyright 2005 - 2008, 280 North, Inc. All rights reserved.
--><head><title>DEVONthink Pro Office (Web)</title><script type="text/javascript">
      		OBJJ_MAIN_FILE = "main.j";
	      </script><script src="Frameworks/Objective-J/Objective-J.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="/dtp/WebKitDetect.js"></script><script>
			function testformobile() // Test for iPhone/iPod, redirect to AJAX
				var isMobile = WebKitDetect.isMobile();
				if(isMobile) window.location.href = "../iphone";
		</script></head><body onload="testformobile()">
	<div style="position: absolute; left: 50%; top: 50%;">
	    		<img src="/dtp/logo.png" style="left: -150px; position: relative; top: -120px;">
	    		<img src="Frameworks/AppKit/Resources/CPProgressIndicator/CPProgressIndicatorSpinningStyleRegular.gif" style="left: -150px; position: relative; top: -100px;">

I can clearly see that the uri for WebKitDetect.js and logo.png have been rewritten, so that much is working at least. I’m running the latest version of Devonthink Pro Office (2.0.5).
DTPO Web Screenshot.png