DTPO won't open. Reinstall results in OSStatus error -36

DEVONthink Pro Office won’t open.

Attempted re-install results in:
An error occurred.
The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -36.)
src: /Volumes/DEVONthink Pro Office/DEVONthink Pro.app
dest: /Applications/DEVONthink Pro.app
item: /Applications

How can I fix it without losing data? Thanks!

Jim Eubanks

Mac error -36 is an I/O error. It’s not likely to be DEVONthink-related.

You might want to boot from the recovery disk (in Lion, if you have it), run disk utility and repair the disk.

Thank you! I have started Apple Server Diagnostics on my Mac Mini. It says it will take about 24 hours, so I’ll see what it says, then post a reply. Thanks again!

Apparently, my permissions needed repairing. I don’t understand what happened to them, but repairing them worked.

Good thing. Permissions get hosed for mysterious reasons :confused: For example, there was a Finder bug in “Get Info” in 10.7.3 that messed with permissions and other things. It was fixed in 10.7.4.