DTPO2.0.3 and intelligent folder carry out

I installed new 2.0.3 and found a remark on intelligent folder “to carry out” 223 items.
I’m not sure that this remark was before I used the version 2.0.

My mistake or a bug ?

In which way I can set this folder to right intelligent ?


I’m sorry but I guess I need a screenshot to understand the issue.

Here it is

Why "Zu erledigen (295)

DTPO zu erledigen.png

That’s a smart group created by one of the first public betas but as the state/checkbox has been replaced with flags, this isn’t supported anymore. Just delete the smart group.

Thanks, You mean I should delete only the smart group “Zu erledigen”


You should delete only the smart group (not its results) but you don’t have to, e.g. you could also edit the smart group.