DTPO2 email archive import attachments

I’m having difficulties with mail import – in particular with attachments.

Namely, it is not importing it as an attachment, but as an image. Strangely, if the original email has the attachment as an icon, sometimes DTPO2 is importing the icon as an inline image of the icon; at other time it is importing the first page of the attachment as an inline image. In either case, it is not importing the attachment as attachment. Which means if the attachment – such as a PDF – is more than one page, by archiving in DTPO2 I am loosing all the attachments of my archived emails, which is problematic to say the least.

Or, am I wrong, and is it actually storing the attachments somewhere as well?

Secondly, the entire email that is imported is not selectable; that is to say, I can not select a single portion, whether text or the attachment, of the email. I am sure this can not be the intended usage, so I must have some setting wrong. However, I have tried all the various preferences, to no avail. Help would be most appreciated.

You are seeing the whole message as it came from Mail as displayed by QuickLook. There is a small button (the name eludes me at the moment) that allows you to switch to “our view” that converts the message on the fly to RTF(D). In that view you can select text. In DT2 you will always have the original message data and not the RTF interpretation like in DTPO1.

Absolutely brilliant. Thank you very much for the quick weekend response, Annard. May I simply suggest that you consider adding some type of Menu item, under “View” or other, or maybe a contextual right-click command to do the same? I say this because that tiny little button in the top right corner, “Text View/Preview”, would have gone completely gone unnoticed by me, as I had been searching through contextual “right-click” menus and the top drop-down menus for some way to “convert” it. Others may likewise find this rather hidden.

Anyhow, that being said, I very much like this functionality. Thank you once again.