DTPO2b4 crashes everytime during import of 1.5.4 database

Hi there,

I wanted to change from DTPO 1.5.4. to DTPO 2b4 now. (I tried the new version on my macbook first, now I want to use it on my desktop).

I downloaded DTPO 2b4, then I wanted to open the old database in the new programm version. But everytime DTPO 2b4 konverted and exported the old database to the new one DTPO crashed.

The database was very huge (5.7 GB). DTPO crashed everytime after around 2 GB. (I have tried it four times now).

What can I do? Is there anywhere a crashlog, that I can send to the support? Is the database too big?

It´s a G4 iMac (the lamp), 2 GB RAM, 1,25 GHz. Leopard 10.5.6

Do you still have version 1.5.4? If so, open the database and run Tools > Verify & Repair. If there are no errors, or if errors are corrected on a subsequent run of Verify & Repair, good. If there are unrepairable errors, you may need to do a database Rebuild or revert to the most recent backup of the database.

Note: See http://www.devon-technologies.com/scripts/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=7117 for tips on how to have two versions of DEVONthink without creating chaos and confusion.

Assuming you have a sound database, from the Split view of the top level of the database, select all the content (documents and groups). Choose File > Export > Files & Folders, and create a new folder on your Desktop as the destination of the exported material.

When the export is complete, examine the Log (Window > Log). If any files failed to make the export, save the Log report for future reference.

Now, in DTPO2 pb4, choose File > New Database. Name the database and make it your default database (File > Database Properties).

Choose File > Import > Files & Folders. Select ALL the contents of the folder that holds the previously exported material. When the import is complete, examine the Log for any files that failed to be imported. If any are listed, save the Log for future reference.

Send a message to Support if you cannot successfully export/import the contents of your 1.x database.

Comment. I don’t know what caused the crash. It could have been caused by errors or damaged files in the 1.x database, or by OS X errors resulting from the software environment on the computer. The crash report can be located at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/DEVONthink Pro. You can attach a recent crash report to a message to Support, with a description of what was going on at the time of the crash. A profile of the extensions on your Mac might also be useful.

Hi Bill thanks for the explanations.

I have the old Version on my Time machine Update.
I did a verify & repair session, everythings fine, no problems.

Then I export everything to an folder on my desktop, some pdfs couldn´t be exported. (I save the protocoll).

At the moment I import everything to DTPO 2.

Will let you know, what happend.

By the way. What could I do with the pdfs that DTPO 1.5.4 wasn´t able to export?

I don’t know how many PDFs didn’t export, nor their importance.

In 1.5.4, can those PDFs be opened and edited under Preview, e.g., in Preview, add a dot to a page, then use Save As to save it to the Finder. Perhaps it can be imported by DT2.

As you have a list of the PDFs, you could also copy them out of the 1.5.4 database Files folder. Create a test DT2 database and import them. See if those PDFs behave properly in the test database.

There are more ‘flavors’ of PDF than is commonly realized. Every now and then someone encounters a PDF that doesn’t display normally in OS X, or takes forever to display highlighted terms in the Search window.

And of course there are gremlins and other beasties that try to damage files.