DTPro 2.8.2 now automatically updating indexed files?

I’m seeing a new behavior in a DTPro database that is entirely comprised of indexed files.

Now whenever I click on one of the 2 groups that are being indexed DTPro is automatically doing an update indexed items.

I’ve checked permission, database details and I can’t figure out how to turn off this behavior. I only want to do the indexing when I choose to not every time I select that database or look up something.

DEVONthink has behaved that way for some time now-automatic updating of indexed files first appeared in version 2.6. There is a terminal command to toggle a hidden preference that will disable auto updating. I don’t know if DEVON support wants it posted here, but if you open a support request, I expect they will give it to you.

I skipped a bunch of revisions so I missed that. I want it back to the original so have opened a support ticket.