DTPro in Legal Research: AppleScript Help

Hi All,

I’ve been a DTPro user for some time, and have never bothered with scripting until now.

I download legal research from databases such as LexisNexis and WestLaw. One thing I do not like about both of them is: if I am downloading a set of cases (judicial opinions), statutes, or whatever, I get them as one big file that I then have to go into and split up myself. One reason I love DTPRo is for it’s ability to split up a file with nothing more than a right-click.

I would like to automate this process, however, and this is where I need help.

From within DTPro, I would like to take the file, and split it up when it encounters “end of document” in the file, and continue through to the end of the document. “End of document” is what separates each article within the single .rtf. A single file, for example, with ten articles in it will have “end of document” occurring ten times, and at the end of the process, I would like to have the one file turned into ten files.

I appreciate the help, and I’m more than happy to clarify.



You might have a look at the thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8851