DTpro question - automatic file names

When I use the services menu to take a plain or rich text note, Devonthink automatically sets the name of the file to the first line of the clipping. I love this feature!

My question: is there any way to have Devonthink do the same thing when I import text files? Or, is there any batch file rename available within Devonthink that will change the names of selected files to their first line? I checked the scripts but couldn’t find anything.

I ask because I am currently importing notes from a text based system I’ve used and would like to have Devonthink reset the names of each imported text file to the first line rather than retaining the aaa, aab, aac title names that result from the UNIX “split” function.

Since renaming is built into the “take note” feature, I assume there would be a way to modify this operation to work either upon import or from within Devonthink?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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