DTPro Sort by kind/label/etc for Three Panes view

I really wish there was a way to sort not just alphabetically when I’m on three panes view!


With a group open in the Three Panes view, select View > Sort. Counting a sort by Name, there are a total of 11 available sorts.

Or do you mean the groups in the left column of the Three Panes view? Just switch to the Vertical Split view and sort them as you wish. Then you can switch to the Three Panes view. Although the sort order hasn’t been changed in the Three Panes view, the sort order you established in the Vertical Split view will be remembered if you then switch back to that view.

Same here 8)

Hi Bill. Don’t know about the others, but this is what I meant. I know you can switch back and forth between views, but that’s not much help when you want to keep your sort in the 3-pane view. I don’t use the 3-pane view that often, so it’s not a huge issue for me, but when I do it’s a pain that I can’t manually sort things.


I wish one of the choices were “None of the Above.”

More specifically, my favorite view, which doesn’t exist, would be the Vertical Split view, but with the main pane containing a list (as in the Three Pane view), rather than icons (which are IMO useless and ugly, except in the rare case of a folder for images).

In this view, the left-hand pane (useful for navigating) would show both groups and items, as it does now. The right-hand pane would show either the selected item or (if a group is selected) the contents of the group in list form.

It’s strange that none of the six existing views does this. I mostly use the three-pane view, because the upper-right pane then does what I’m describing. But then the left pane refuses to show items. It seems inconsistent.

I love 3-pane view but end up using Vertical Split because I can’t seem to figure out how to navigate 3 Panes with the k/board alone.

What I would love to see, is a 3 Pane view side-by-side to take advantage of today’s widescreen monitors.

I agree with Jim that I wish the three panel view showed files AND folders.

I know that you’re not ‘supposed’ to mix them, but I regularly find that I have this situation with a bunch of documents on (say) Liturgy and then one particular subset (eg. A set of Advent liturgies written by a colleague). I really don’t want to have tons of folders through my database all labelled ‘General’ or ‘Various’ so I just throw the subset folder in with the other general documents.

I don’t know about showing folders. I like 3-panes cause it filters out the folders. But I agree with displaying as a list in the vertical/horizontal split view.

option-tab to switch from the sidebar to the main pane to editor pane
use right/left arrows for expanding/collapsing folders
cmd-opt-minus to collapse all
cmd-opt-shift-plus to expand all

I also wish double-clicking the splitter between main pane and editor would hide/show the editor like in Mail.app.

OT: Currently selecting an item while having the editor hidden causes DT to ‘load’ the content of selection. This causes a lag when (accidentally) clicking on a web link that’s flash-happy or a 50MB prepress quality pdf. And if you attach something like “Mark as read” script attachment, it’ll mark the selection read even though the pane is hidden.