DTPro stuck on 'Loading Plugins' since upgrade

I just upgraded from beta 5 to beta 6 and now DevonThink Pro will not load. It just gets stuck on the screen as attached, where it says ‘Loading Plugins’. I left it for hours and it just stayed like this.

I have a DevonThink Pro 2 database that I can no longer open with the application. I am a bit scared that I won’t be able to access it anymore.

Any help much appreciated!


Can you open any others?

Are there any suspicious looking message in Console?

Have you restarted your system?

You could try downloading/reinstalling, like CatOne recently described.

I trashed .plist and didn’t help.

I reinstalled and didn’t help.

I used AppZapper to delete the application and its associated files, then reinstalled…this worked for me.

It could be because beta 6 has expired. The latest version, beta 7, is the one you want to install.

Edited to note that I just saw how old the original post was.