DTPRo2: File not found with wildcards in Search string

I’m encountered the following problem with DevonThink Pro 2pb8:

I want to find the document named “Kollenberg2004_s432.jpg” which really exists.

I invoke a search with the Search by Name with the Search Term
-> no result
(search options are always the same - see attached image)

if y try Kollenberg2004432 I also get no result.

Why that?
Searching for “Kollenberg2004” I have about 580 results,
same for Kollenberg2004*
but as soon as I try to add something after the star (*), I get no results.

Please help! Am I doing something wrong or is there a problem in the search feature?

I don’t have files with names like that, but I think a simple query for
Kollenberg2004 AND s432
would give the proper result.

DEVONthink parses characters such as “_” and “.” as spaces (word separation).

A variant using wildcards such as
Kollenberg* AND 432
would probably work, and if there were a series by year, e.g., 2003, 2004, 2005 with the same "s432.jpg’ string following, they would all be listed in the results.

Hi Bill,
thanks for your answer. Both of your suggestions above find the right file.

I re-read the DTPro manual page about search and then also found that “" is treated as a space.
It feels weird for me that I type the exact phrase "Kollenberg2004
” and don’t get a result at all, but ok, as long as I’m aware of that I can work around it.

[size=85]After getting into massive problems with spaces and special characters (äöüß) in file names, I cleaned all my filenames and now use the underscore “_” or dash “-” as separators (no spaces any more).
Exchanging files with Windows and UNIX computers / servers was a nightmare before, because there were always problems (also caused by my syncing software).[/size]