DTProOffice 1.3b2 - Mail Import

I’m just getting used to the Office version and really appreciate the mail import. I generally import a newly arrived mail - perhaps a receipt or serial number - and I have one point and one two questions.
The point is that I think the option to flatten the Mail hierarchy should be the default.

The two questions are: First, why do you have a drop-down to set the options and then have to have a completely separate button for the Import?
Secondly, why does importing a mail message have to start the Finder? I normally run PathFinder with Finder off, but importing a mail very kindly switches it on for me :slight_smile:
Do you think I could be spared this, please :smiley:

The answer to your first question is that we came to this based on user feedback.

Edit Actually let me explain this further (after some thought):
If you import Mail through this window it preserves the structure it had in the original Mail application. This goes somewhat against the convention of importing documents from within DEVONthink. Therefore, for people who want to import their messages directly to a specific place, we added the option to send them to that group with or without the hierarchy intact. I hope it makes more sense now?

The answer to your second question is: no matter how we all hate the Finder, it is a necessary piece of software that can be used by all kinds of processes. Apple doesn’t make it easy for you to stop running it for good reason. We need it to perform some tasks for us and so I’m afraid you will have to live with it.

It begins to make some sense, although it still escapes me why anyone would first choose whether to flatten the hierarchy, then select the location in DT, then click OK, then have to click another button (Import) in order to do the job. Surely the ‘Import’ would logically happen on the OK?

Secondly, what is obvious is that unless you want to import a number of e-mails at once, there is no real difference or advantage between going through the DTPro Import Mail process and using the print option from Mail (print to PDF in DT).

Thirdly, your answer about the Finder is understood, although it is amazing how many programs and processes manage perfectly well wilth Pathfinder running, without having to start Finder. I have used DT for a long time and will, as you say, have to live with it. At least until you learn how other people manage and perhaps learn to answer more politely.