DTProOffice Recognizing Scan Snap Manager

I recently purchased the Fujitsu Scan Snap and DTProOffice. My DTProOffice doesn’t recognize that the Scan Snap Manager is present on my computer. What can I do to fix that? Does it matter if I just set the Scan Snap manager preference to recognize DTPOffice as the preferred application?

That is exactly what our plugin is doing, so please go ahead. The reason our application doesn’t recognise it is because your Finder somehow hasn’t cached the information from the ScanSnap Manager application. Have you logged out and back in again after you installed it?

Thanks for your prompt reply. I tried logging on and off to no avail before I sent my message. Now it suddenly works. Ah, computers. Is there an advantage to using the ScanSnap manager over the build in DevonThinkPro Office? :laughing:

Henry, by all means use ScanSnap Manager with your Fujitsu ScanSnap. That lets you use all of the Settings options in ScanSnap manager (which has an online Help file).

This works wonderfully with DTPO.