dtSparse not appearing closed

I am using DT3.

I have an encrypted database which gets synced to a cloud service (not Dropbox). The sync system tells me that it cannot sync the file because it is in use by another application even though Devonthink is closed. Is there something about this file or Devonthink that tells MacOS that the file is open or locked?

Thank you.

Databases shouldn’t be located in synchronized cloud folders actually. What’s the path of the database?

It is in a synced folder. I am using Tresorit which works well for everything else including a dtBase2 database (I am definitely using DT3 in case it matters).


Synchronized or cloud folders are definitely discouraged as this might cause database issues, e.g. in case of bugs of the sync software and/or concurrent usage on multiple machines. It’s recommended to use DEVONthink’s own sync support (see Preferences > Sync).

Understood, I’ll switch to a different service. Thanks.