DTTG 2.0: Reproducible crash during syncing on iPhone 6

I am seeing a reproducible crash during syncing on an iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.4) that does not show on an iPad mini with the same iOS version:

Initial sync of all databases from a WebDAV sync store worked fine. Then - on my laptop - I deleted the old Mobile Sync folder from all databases and synced the change to the WebDAV sync store. The subsequent sync onto the iPad mini worked just fine. Syncing to the iPhone only worked for smaller databases. My large databases with several thousand documents each crash during sync, the screen turns black and then I am on the SpringBoard again.

The big difference between the two devices is RAM memory. The iPad mini has 2 GB, the iPhone only 1 GB. Uneducated guess: The sync leads to runaway memory consumption and iOS kills the process?

That’s one possibility. How much space is available on the iPhone and how large is the database?

The iPhone is a 64GB model with about 9 GB space remaining. The affected databases are 1.8 GB /2294 items, 3.2 GB/5013 items and 2.3 GB/8136 items.

How much space is still available after importing the smaller ones and before importing the largest one?

All databases are already on the iPhone and the sizes are what’s reported by DTTG 2.0 on the iPhone. The initial sync that pulled all data from the sync store to the iPhone worked just fine.

What’s not working is the subsequent sync between the WebDAV sync store and the iPhone after deleting the Mobile Sync special folder on my laptop and pushing that change to the WebDAV sync store. The Mobile Sync special folder contained replication links to all top-level folders in order to sync everything with DTTG 1.

I also tried to close all running apps with the swipe up gesture and rebooting the phone, but the issue persists.

Please ensure that crash logs are sent to Apple so that we’ll receive them. In addition, could you please tap the ? button on iOS and choose “Send feedback” and send us the email? Thanks!

OK, I just enabled the diagnostics data reporting (I don’t usually enable that for privacy reasons) and let it crash, and then I sent the logs using the onboard feedback mechanism in DTTG 2. I did see log entries “Received memory warning.” that appear to be the last entries before the app restarted.

P.S.: I did not get an iOS crash dialog asking me if I want to send the reports. So I can’t really tell if the built-in crash reporting to Apple worked.

For DTTG2 crash logs…

  • Sync your mobile device with iTunes on your Mac.
  • In the Finder press Command-Shift-G and paste: ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice.
  • Inside the folder for your device there should be a crash report with the date of the crash in the filename. Please send that when you respond to this ticket. If there doesn’t appear to be a report, check the Retired folder of the folder for your device.

Also, please note if there are Jetsam crash reports at the time of the crash as this will show low memory errors on the device. Include the most recent ones, if available.

I think I got the same problem.

I have 39 GB space left on my iPhone 6s and syncing with dropbox and direkt works without any problem but syncing with my WebDAV-Storage (Synology - current DSM-Version) crashes the iOS-App.

I attached a crashreport to this post.
DEVONthink To Go 2-2016-08-04-191235.crash.zip (15.1 KB)

I am experiencing exactly the same, although I have to say that my iPhone 6s with DDTG 2.0 already crashes at approx. 80% of the initial sync via Webdav.

@Machiel692 and @witti: This is not the place to send crash reports. Please send these reports to the appropriate channel by selecting DEVONthink To Go 2’s built-in Help and choosing Contact Us.

@BLUEFROG Sorry for wasting my time and money trying to help other users and developers to fix this buggy and untested pice of software.
Little advise for you, don’t try to teach customers how they have to submit feedback if these customers are already pissed of by the quality of the software your company released.

@Machiel692: Try to create a new Syncstore with the latest version of Devonthink fo mac. I created mine with a Beta-Version. Recreating fixed the problem with the initial sync for me but not the crash during incremental sync.

For what it’s worth: I had my problem with the iPhone 6s crash solved by deleting the DTTG app, clearing as much memory as possible (on my 128GB iPhone 6s I managed to have 6GB free by moving pictures to my Mac, deleting no longer used apps that I no longer use but take up a lot of memory etc.), then reinstall the DTTG app and configure the Webdav again. This time it worked perfectly! Initial sync for a 6GB syncsource took about 20 minutes and all the subsequent syncs afterwards go blazingly fast. Hope this helps some other people too that are suffering from this issue, good luck!!

Same problem. Able to sync an iPad Pro but the iPhone 6s Plus and iPad Mini 4 both crash. All have ample memory to spare. Tried cleaning database, deleting app and data on iOS to no avail. Database with about 7000 documents on the MacOS end of things. I have had some luck (but not reliably) by incrementally loading and syncing documents (start with 100, then load another 1000, then another 1000, etc.) but eventually it his the Syncing process and it just crashes out to Springboard.


Same thing here on iphone 6 with a 1800 document db.
Does not crash on iPad mini 4.
Note that I set the sync to on-demand with only a few files replicated locally. Even like that it crashes close to the end of the sync process.
The log shows multiple memory warnings like:
2016-08-10 16:35:25.656 DEVONthink To Go 2[1934:174152] Received memory warning.
The complete report was sent by email.

Hope you fix it soon, can’t wait to use the full power of that setup :wink:

@Machiel692: Thanks for the report back. Glad it’s working (and yes, it is incredibly fast).

@batonman and mikeman: In DTTG2, please select Help > Contact Us to start a Support Ticket. Thanks.

DEVONthink 2.9.2 and DEVONthink To Go 2 will include only minor improvements and fixes of course but afterwards even higher speed might be possible :slight_smile: