DTTG 2 and stuck on DTP 2.5 (Mac OS X 10.8.x)

Guys, I downloaded DTTG 2 just a couple weeks ago (my country’s app store withheld it for a long time) and the syncing is gone.

I have two islands of information and I cannot sync them anymore, the app gives me options to create NEW databases on the cloud and to sync via bonjour but my DTP uses an old syncing format.

What can I do? :frowning:

There is nothing you can do with DEVONthink To Go 2 and DEVONthink pre 2.9. (I am assuming you mean 2.8 since Syncing wasn’t available in 2.5).

We strongly recommend upgrading your operating system to a more modern OS. The minimum requirement is now OS X 10.9.5.