DTTG 2 Database Size

DTTG 2 Database Size Increase By Tag Document Size Compare to Desktop Database Size Is This Normal ?

:question: I have no clue what this means. Please rephrase this. Thanks.

Say Database Size On DTPO is 1.8 Gb Same Database On DTTG 2 May be 2.3 Gb or More Depends on Tagged Document

What do you mean when you say " Depends on Tagged Document"?

If iOS uses sectors like hard drives do, it may be that iOS sectors are larger than the sectors on your computer, hence more bytes are used on your device, although 1/2 gig difference seems a lot for that. Perhaps iOS uses more space for file management.

@pvonk i mean to Say is if your Tag Document is Say 500 mb Databases Size will increase By 500

What is a tag document?

This could be a simple counting issue. Version 2.0.2 overhauls counting items and file sizes.

This Is What I Try To Explain

This is just a counting issue. Please check again in 2.0.2 when it becomes available.

Thanks I Wiil check