DTTG 2 & Textexpander

Can’t get this to work on my iPad.
No problems using an app on the Smile TextExpander-Enhanced apps list i.e. Drafts

DTTG 2 is not on the list.

So what is the Update button doing?

I can’t seem to get TextExpander snippets to work, either. Is there a trick to getting them to expand? I’ve one the update in settings, but none will expand when the trigger is typed.

TextExpander snippets are working for me on DTTG 2.1.1 (in the App Store, now) after pressing “Update” in Settings. The TextExpander keyboard also works in DTTG (of course).

Hmm. I have 2.1.1 and have updated the TE snippets. When I go into TE, I see them and they work there. I can also get them to work if I use the TE keyboard, which I rather not use if possible.

Is there some setting for DTG or iOS that prevents it from working?

Also, just to clarify, all I need to do is type the shortcut and it will expand? Or, is there something I need to do in order to trigger the TE expansion?

You type whatever abbreviation you defined for TextExpander to look for trigger the expansion. Be aware: 1) expansions only work when you are editing documents (i.e., expansions that control the interface in OS X do not work in iOS), 2) DTTG does not support expansions that use TextExpander’s forms features – only a few iOS apps support that feature and DTTG is not one of them, 3) expansions that use AppleScript, Javascript, etc., probably will not work on iOS.

Thanks for the response, but I cannot get this to work. I was trying this in a new note, so I tried editing an existing note. In trying this again, I had some luck, in that it expanded some of the time (like twice), but most of the time it did not.

For me it works within the note, but unfortunately not within the tags field (where I could use it most).

Apparently, this only works in plain text docs, not rich text.

That’s correct, the rich text editor does not (yet) support TextExpander as this is prepared only for plain text fields.