DTTG 3.0 & Family Sharing?

Just downloading DTTG 3.0 - thanks for all the hard work on its development.

On my Apple ID DTTG 3 downloaded and version 3 (Upgrade) paid for. On my wife’s devices (she is in my Family Sharing group), I can download the DTTG app, but she can’t use DTTG3 as it asks her for a subscription payment too, despite us both having the share subscription option enabled in Apple ID.

Does she also have to pay for a subscription, in addition to me, in order to remote access our shared database documents?

Family sharing is active for all subscriptions and one-time purchases. Please try again.


However, your “shared database documents” have to be in a location that can be accessed by both of you – which excludes iCloud afaik. And DT databases should not be put in any cloud location.

I uninstalled DTTG3, rebooted iPad, reinstalled DTTG3. It still stops me getting to the documents screen and displays the subscription screen. When I press retry/restore at the bottom, nothing changes. So unless I am doing something wrong, it looks like something is stopping the Family Sharing from working for DTTG3 purchases. Any other suggestions as to how I can share the purchase?

When DTPro deprecated Box for syncing a couple of years ago, I decided that no syncing is so urgent that it can’t wait a few hours until I get home. So our databases are all now just stored locally and synced on the home Wi-Fi using Bonjour.

Minor correction: Box deprecated WebDAV for syncing.

Was DEVONthink To Go 2 still installed on the device?

Sorry for the unintended inaccuracy about Box - in hindsight their depreciation forcing me to go local, was a good thing.

Yes DTTG 2 is still on her iPad and iPhone

No worries!

And when she launches DEVONthink To Go 3, the option to restore a purchase isn’t enabled?
Did she already select the free upgrade period?

I installed DTTG3 first (using my Apple ID). I selected the one time upgrade purchase and paid.

She then gets the subscription splash screen. The restore purchase option doesn’t apply my upgrade purchase and she is just left on the subscription screen.

I can do the temporary upgrade period, but would prefer to share the one time purchase I made with her.

Please start a support ticket and we’ll see if we can get this figured out. Thanks!

Ticket created. Thanks

It’s hard to tell what’s going on as Family Sharing is enabled for all in-app purchased. There’s not much we can do if it just doesn’t work. That is all managed by Apple. Maybe restarting the devices?

I’ll reboot everything, and if no luck try again tomorrow. If still not working, I’ll raise a ticket with Apple support

I can confirm this misbehaving with Family Sharing. - Just wanted to verify, don’t need it. The Retry / Restore “button” is active, but has no success.

Was DTTG2 installed when you saw this behavior?

No, it was not.

Could you quit 3, install 2 and launch / quit it, then launch 3 and check if the option is enabled?

Will be back in a few minutes :slight_smile:

Sorry, but no change. The Retry / Restore does not restore the made purchase.

Only difference I have seen: now the two reduced options are shown.

Okay. Thanks.