DTTG 3 is corrupting files

Yes, the Ghosts smart group exists only on iOS and is switched on when ghost documents are found. Version 3.0.3 will also try to repair them. Did you migrate from version 2?

I also have an .mp4 affected…

In my Ghost Group is just one item, a webarchive, which can’t delete.

What happens when you long-press the ghost item and choose Move to Trash?

“move to trash” is colored in red, when I press it, nothing happens, the file is still shown.

My files took a minute to delete, just fyi. I let it sit a minute, exited the “Ghosts” smart group, then went back in and the files were gone. I kept getting the Ghost popup in DTTG3 for a minute (almost like it kept detecting the same ones or something) but then I went into the trashes area and cleared those out and that stuck.

@eboehnisch I successfully deleted my Ghost files, (that fixed my “failed database verification” error I was getting on my iPhone) and will manually restore later, but I didn’t notice that my files were 0 bytes until just a few minutes ago, and have been using DT3 on my Mac all morning, adding a few files here and there to my Global Inbox.

Even with all my databases verified and repaired successfully, those files I added this morning on my Mac to my Global Inbox are not syncing to my laptop or iPhone.

Should I choose “Rebuild Database”?

This thread has been very useful. I’ve followed most of what others have indicated and am waiting for 3.0.3 to propagate.In a situation that might be similar to the one mentioned by @joshgibson, the four databases of mine that were affected won’t sync automatically (with the corrected ones on my Mac). When I try to switch them to do so on my iPad, I get this notice but I have no idea how to repair a database on DTTG: “Failed database verification,please repair the database.” Using the Utility commands for “fix” and “reindex-metadata” don’t quite fit the bill (and didn’t make the notice go away). Suggestions?

Wish I could help, but I’m glad to say I don’t seem to be experiencing any of these issues though I am following the threads about this news. Otherwise, happy to share and especially too since my syncs store nothing sensitive.

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Have you reenabled the automatic sync? That the files are not syncing is unrelated to this effect.

Oh, I see. I missed one crucial step. I added backups of the affected files to the databases on my Mac. Then I deleted the 0-byte documents from my DTTG databases and emptied the trash. When I tried sync’ing after that, everything went swimmingly…

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Sorry, how do I enable automatic sync? I’ve tried to sync manually with the sync button on all the applications across my devices, and they all appear to sync just fine – no errors or anything like that – it’s just that the handful of files I added this morning to my global inbox on my iMac are not syncing to my MacBook or iPhone.

Edit: Automatic sync was already enabled on both my macs, and I just now enabled it on my iPhone.

What I did, in DTTG, was to go to the main view that includes the Global Inbox and all other databases on the left sidebar. I clicked the icon that looks like a series of sliders. In the resulting popup, in the SYNC category, there are two options to the right of Schedule: “Automatic” and “Manual.” Click “Automatic.”

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That “sliders” icon is for Settings.

Ah, gotcha. I just enabled that on my iPhone but I’m still not seeing those files. :thinking: Also, Automatic Sync was also enabled already on my two macs. The only device that has the files I added this morning is my iMac, and neither my MacBook (already had auto sync enabled) nor iPhone (just enabled auto sync) had those files.

I have 13 files in my Ghosts smart group, but I can’t delete them. I try to Move All To Trash, but they won’t go.

Likely related: if I switch CloudKit sync to Automatic from Manual, it always switches back & warns about Ghost files.

How do I exorcise these spirit files? :laughing:

What happens when you tap Edit, then select all of them. Tap the Organize button in the lower left. Move to Trash. Does it still not work?

Don’t want to start a new thread just for this quick question - is this current bug isolated to PDFs?

Unfortunately no. It can affect any document type.

Ugh, that sucks. Do you know if the issue is always (as far as you know, anyway) that it truncates the file to 0 bytes? If so then at least it’s reasonably detectable.